OBJECTIVE: Monitor and evaluate regulations at all levels and disseminate communications to the membership, media and other interested parties.

The WFSA is anchored in the belief that the best regulations are those reached through open dialogue that respects cultural diversity and draws upon the best wisdom and analyses of those directly affected to achieve consensus on common objectives.

With the firearm community in its many forms finding itself under so much pressure at both national and international levels, the WFSA operates to present accurate information that minimizes misguided and inaccurate criticism of the lawful activities of hunting, sport shooting, collecting and civilian firearms possession. It is important for a central organization to exist to assist all nations in the defense of their civilian gun owners.

The main task of the Legislative Committee is to follow the discussion at the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna on hunting, shooting, and firearms/ammunition industry issues. In particular, it has been actively involved in a number of issues debated at UN level on the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in small arms and light weapons, on the Arms Trade Treaty and the UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime.

Additionally, the Legislative Committee provides to its members a forum for sharing information and advice on national legislative issues in order to reach solutions.